Global GAP - Gricultural production management system

Global GAP - Gricultural production management system

Farm management system for compliance with the Global GAP standard is the most common system of certification of security products in the world, which is based on the tracking of production technology allows to confirm or refute a conclusion on the safety of products.

Availability of farm management systems for compliance with Global GAP, to create trusting and reliable relationships between consumers, farmers, supermarket and processor.

GlobalGAP- a recognized international standards system, created on the basis of requirements of GHP, GMP and HACCP, to ensure the safety of agricultural products grown and its compliance with the quality and technical requirements.

Global GAP standard for the following agricultural sectors:

  • Crop;
  • Livestock;
  • Breeding of aquatic animals and plants.

Expected benefits accruing to the company when the implementation of ISO 29001: 2003

  • The commercial advantage. Increased demand for goods;
  • Improving food safety management;
  • Enhancing the prestige of the organization in the eyes of consumers;
  • Evidence of compliance with the principles of enterprise production and sale safe products;
  • Reduce the risk of potential contamination of products;
  • Improve hygiene and sanitation in the enterprise;
  • Compatible with standard, other international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS;
  • The development of new domestic and foreign markets;
  • Recognition among the supporters of Global GAP;
  • Increasing confidence of customers and consumers of the safety, quality of products.