ISO 29001 - Quality management system for oil and gas industry

ISO 29001 - Quality management system  for oil and gas industry

Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 29001 is an effective quality management system of enterprises of oil and gas and chemical sectors, which provides for continual improvement, emphasizing the prevention of defects and reducing the number of violations and losses in the supply chain, and service providers.

Availability of the Quality Management System to ISO 29001 enables organizations to successfully sell their products on the world market, petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas industry, especially if the products can be identified by the API Monogram.

Certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 29001, the organization obtained carrying out the following activities:

  • Exploration, oil production, mining, mineral and other origin;
  • Transportation of oil, minerals and other mineral origin;
  • Processing, production;
  • Implementation of, oil, gas and other raw materials and products of them;
  • Manufacturers of equipment and materials for the oil and gas industry;
  • Service providers in the oil and gas sector.

Expected benefits accruing to the company when the implementation of ISO 29001

  • Qualitative performance of the terms of delivery of products and services in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry;
  • Guarantee the quality of products on the market of oil and gas industry;
  • Minimize the number of defective products, increase the average quality of the final product;
  • Improving the competitiveness of enterprises, both domestic and international markets;
  • Insurance risks in major projects in the oil and gas industry Petrochemical;
  • Allows the company to be flexible and adapt quickly to changing situations, increasing the effectiveness of management processes;
  • Reduced costs for the return of defective products, compensation, and so on. D.;
  • Meet the requirements of the main consumers of oil and gas equipment such as BP, Exxon et al.