ISO 20121 - Event stability management system

ISO 20121 - Event stability management system

Management System sustainability activities for compliance with ISO 20121 is an effective system for improving the basic principles of business events, improved event-management tools, practical skills, planning activities, improvement of stability throughout the cycle event management.

ISO 20121 is intended to support event organizers of all kinds - sports, cultural, business, political. The standard serves as the basis for determining the effects of such events, as well as aimed at obtaining positive results by improving and planning.

Expected benefits accruing to the company when the implementation of ISO 20121

  • improving management efficiency by optimizing the distribution of powers and responsibilities, based on the optimization of business processes;
  • The development of management programs through measures to reduce the risks and prevention of adverse effects;
  • Improved document management and financial resources;
  • For all participants in improving mutual understanding and interaction between the two groups;
  • Building an effective and transparent system for the organization of events;
  • Improved communication with the principal organizers of the event the parties;
  • Reduced costs for the organization and conduct of activities by optimizing the use of resources, the choice of the most profitable suppliers;
  • Create a positive image of the event and its organizers in the public eye.