FSSC 22000 – The new scheme of certification of food safety management systems

FSSC 22000 – The new scheme of  certification of food safety management systems

FSSC 22000 is the latest certification scheme for food manufacturers based on the integration of ISO 22000: 2005 "Management System of Food Safety" and publicly available specification ISO TS 22002-1: 2009 Program prerequisites for food safety.

Part 1: Manufacture of food products

This specification is not intended to be used by enterprises and organizations involved in the chain of food production, but it is not a manufacturer of food products.

ISO 22000 - is a tool for managing risks associated with food safety and establishes the requirements for food safety organizations throughout the food production chain.

Specification ISO TS 22002-1: 2009 has been developed to establish the requirements for mandatory programs preliminary activities (PRP), is being introduced to facilitate the monitoring of threats to food safety in the production process and support management systems built in accordance with ISO 22000.

Standard ISO TS 22002-1: 2009 specifies requirements for the next part of the program required preliminary activities:

  • Construction and layout of the industrial buildings and the necessary support structures;
  • Design of buildings, including industrial and domestic premises;
  • System of air, water, energy and other utilities;
  • Creation of support services, including waste disposal and waste water;
  • The suitability of equipment and its accessibility for cleaning, maintenance and repair;
  • management of purchased materials (raw materials, ingredients, chemicals, packaging materials); supplies (water, air, steam, ice), the removal of (waste, waste water); treatment products (storage, transportation);
  • Prevent cross-contamination;
  • cleaning and sanitation activities;
  • pest control;
  • Health staff;
  • Processing of products;
  • Product recall;
  • Storage and transportation of food products;
  • Product information and consumer awareness;
  • Protection of food products, biological vigilance and bioterrorism.