Audit / Evaluation Suppliers

Auditing providers are fully implemented by consultants Zyqon Caspian Consulting and help your company to avoid possible losses, as well as build the most competent system supplier selection and evaluation.

The audit reviewed all of the key areas of the company's supplier-related contractual obligations. An audit of the second party is performed in compliance with all the rules of confidentiality The emphasis is on:

  • Assessment of the implementation of all requirements of the customer at the conclusion of contracts with suppliers.
  • Understanding and assessment of compliance with storage / handling of raw materials and products.
  • Presence of a systematic approach to activities.
  • Assessing the competence and reliability of the supplier.

Supplier audits can be carried out at:

  • Evaluation of new / potential supplier.
  • Held provider in the monitoring assigned to them products and services.
  • Evaluating existing supplier at any fault in the delivery.
  • Introduction of new technology (opening of new shop) at the supplier.
  • Developing and implementing the organization of the quality management system.
  • A desire to improve the system of management at the enterprise-provider.
  • Other.

The procedure involves audit provider:

  • Initial familiarization with the organizational structure of the supplier.
  • Development and approval of the audit plan.
  • Provider of on-site audit.
  • Preparation and presentation of a report on the results of the audit.

Auditing provider include:

  • The definition of management system conformity with the relevant supplier contractual, legislative documents.
  • The definition of supplier capabilities ensure the stability characteristics of manufactured products set out in the standard documentation for manufactured products.
  • Assessment of the production system.
  • The verification of compliance with rules, regulations and measures to ensure the quality and safety products sold by the actions of the production system.

The result looks a supplier audit in a report that contains:

  • The overall assessment of the compliance of the supplier.
  • The list of areas of the supplier, which revealed non-compliance contract and legislation.
  • The changes that need to be incorporated into the practices of suppliers for compliance with the contract and the law.
  • The results of the risk assessment provider.