Comprehensive environmental support

Development of environmental documentation – is a task, which any enterprise, generating waste, emissions and discharges as a result of its activity faces with. The company is obliged to compensate for environmental damage by implementing appropriate environmental payments, the amount of which is calculated on the basis of the specified environmental documentation. If the documentation is missing, the amount of environmental payments will increase in many times over.

Development of environmental documentation and its expertise - is the creation of a comprehensive package of environmental documentation, which includes the analysis and assessment of the company in terms of environmental impact, the justification of quantitative indicators of influence factors and the development of a set of measures, aimed at the minimization of negative impact of enterprise activities on the environment.

Consultants and experts of Zygon Caspian Consulting will provide comprehensive environmental support to an enterprise, including timely notification of the enterprise about all changes and innovations in environmental legislation, as well as help in the development of environmental documentation and its approval by state supervision bodies of the Ministry of Environment, which, will issue necessary conclusions & permissions for further activity on the basis of verification results.

The provision of services on environmental support of enterprise includes the mandatory presence of our experts during the check/audit, if the company is planning to be inspected by the environmental authorities.

Comprehensive environmental support of an enterprise includes the following:

  • Development of the enterprise ecological passport.
  • Obtainment of an environmental expertise for the company activity.
  • Obtainment of a temporary permit for air emissions.
  • Development of environmental documentation on the sources of emissions into the atmosphere - MPE (maximum permissible emissions).
  • Development of environmental documentation on the sources of discharges into the water - MPD (maximum permissible discharges).
  • Development of additional environmental documentation for construction & production sites - EIA (environmental impact assessment).
  • Development of passports of hazardous waste.
  • Development of measurements list for environmental protection.
  • Preparation of annual reports on the ecology (2TG air, 2TG- waste, 2TG water, 4-environment).
  • Assessment of compliance with environmental legal requirements.
  • Assist in the design of contracts for waste disposal, including contracts with the landfill or waste carriers.
  • Support during inspections in the company by State bodies.
  • Consulting and informational services in the field of environmental protection.