Monitoring / outsourcing

Purpose is the continued support of business processes and improvement of management systems.

Outsourcing of management systems is one of the core services, provided by qualified consultants of Zygon Caspian Consulting.

Many organizations, which had implemented the management system, faced with problems in its operation and maintenance. The reason for this can be the lack of skills and experience, as well as the lack of human resources in quality department.

Those organizations, for which this problem is topical, we offer outsourcing services of management systems. Depending on the objectives and available resources, it is possible to pass the following areas to the outsourcing:

  • Audits provision
  • Development of corrective and preventive actions of the management system.
  • Preparation of data for the management system analysis.
  • Negotiations with the certification body for certification, recertification, inspection control.
  • Update of quality management system documentation.
  • Development of quality / safety / environmental and other programs and objectives.
  • Provision of trainings on quality issues.
  • Analysis of complaints, received from consumers.
  • Development of measures for improvement of the management system and its business processes.

    Depending on the specifics of the organization, its targets and the availability of business processes, we offer several options for the periodicity of the companies’ monitoring.