Consulting services


  • The management system for each company is developed on the basis of the existing management system. Because of this it is not necessary to carry out a project from scratch - we only supplement and modify the existing model by adding the missing elements, based on the current inconsistencies between the requirements of the standard and the existing system of management of the company.
  • When the system management is preparing for certification, we consider all possible moments. With this certification of management systems can be successfully completed by any foreign certification bodies. Using our experience, we consider all the subtleties of the ISO certification.
  • Training of employees carried out taking into account the specifics of the company, using practical examples and assignments.
  • In the course of our work we aim at finding and applying solutions to improve the work of the organization. Consulting services to bring the company into line with international standards, will help improve key business processes, bringing the value of the company.
  • After successful certification, we advise companies on the operation and maintenance of management systems.

Services to develop and implement management systems (consulting), carried out by highly qualified consultants with extensive industrial experience in the implementation in various industries, and trained in the leading educational centers in Russia, Ukraine, Japan and international organizations, and with the status of experts certified European Association for Quality EOQ

Methods of our work

  • Flexible, individual approach to each client.
  • The maximum participation of consultants in the development and implementation.
  • Accounting for the specifics of the enterprise.
  • Maximum use of internal corporate rules, regulations, instructions, regulations, regulations in the process of developing management systems.

Our Mission

  • Increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Learn how to manage business processes.
  • Prepare the company for continuous improvement.

Our principles

  • Independence.
  • Responsibility.
  • Competence.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Cooperation.


1. Company’s activities assessment
Carrying out of express-method of enterprise's examination (initial assessment of existing system in accordance with standards) .
2. Development
Development of quality management system in accordance with international standards, consulting services on development and implementation of documentation, description of business processes.
3. Implementation & trainings
Trainings for personnel on management, standard requirements (management, specialists), methodical and consulting support of QMS adaptation to the real activity of organization, help in its implementation.
4. Monitoring
Conducting of internal audits. Providing of consulting services on implementation of corrective and preventive actions upon the results of internal audits.
5. Certification
Participation in certification audit.