ISO 14001 - Environmental management  system

ISO 14001 - Environmental management  system

Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001 is one of the most common effective environmental management systems for organizations of oil and gas, metallurgical, chemical, power and other industries, aimed at reducing the negative environmental through effective management of the identified environmental aspects (sources of exposure to the environment).

Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001 developed and implemented in the enterprise to minimize environmental accidents, as well as reduce costs for the maintenance of hazardous industrial facilities, payment of fines.

Expected advantages obtained by the introduction of ISO 14001

  • Management targets the key activities - it all starts with an assessment of the impact, ranking problems;
  • Monitoring and optimizing the use of resources;
  • There is a potential for reducing costs by rationalizing the consumption of water, energy, raw materials, reduction of waste;
  • Ensured compliance with the requirements of the changing nature protection legislation;
  • Take into account the interests of all parties (ongoing information and sharing of responsibilities between staff and external parties - the public);
  • Reducing the cost of accidents and elimination of their consequences;
  • Improving the company's position in the market through the best environmental performance;
  • Achieved a real improvement in environmental performance, so that there is a reduction of exposure;
  • The advantages of participating in tenders, subcontracting.