Company Internal Audit

Internal audit is carried out by qualified consultants Zyqon Caspian Consulting with the possible involvement of technical experts to obtain reliable information management system and the functioning of the company's business processes.

Service of internal audit management systems according to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 22000 / customer may be required in the case where the company lacks its own internal auditors to perform audits of large-scale enterprise, which is important for large companies.

Internal audit conducted by our company, can also be in demand by small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own specialists on the staff, or have, but internal auditors need help or support from the lead auditor with extensive experience, who offers our company.

Audit of the existing management system is carried out through interviews with senior management, managers and key employees, as well as through the analysis of existing documentation and monitoring processes.

The audit reviewed all of the key areas of the company to which the management system. The emphasis is on those processes and areas to which ISO standards impose specific requirements, and the presence or absence of which can critically affect product quality, customer service, safety, environmental and other aspects of the activity.

Internal audit can be conducted by consultants before certifying or supervisory audit, as well as to identify aspects to improve the activity of the company as a whole.

The procedure of internal audit involves:

  • Initial familiarization with the organizational structure of the enterprise.
  • Development and approval of the audit plan.
  • Preparation and presentation of a report on the results of the audit.

Internal audit is carried out strictly according to the criteria agreed with the customer. (internal or external standards, schemes of work, procedures, regulations, and other activities). Internal audit can be carried out according to the procedure of the customer, with the design of the required documents.

According to the results of the internal audit control system developed report with observations and inconsistencies (if any).

The quality of our services provided by extensive experience of our auditors for the development, implementation, audit and certification of management systems. It made us prove successful projects and feedback from our customers.

The internal audit includes:

  • Interpretation of the standard requirements to the activity.
  • Analysis of the existing documentation on Companies in order to assess the adequacy of the documentation management system in terms of the requirements of the standards, as well as determine whether the content of the existing documentation requirements of the standards.
  • Evaluation of the completeness of the requirements of regulatory documentation in the daily business operations of the areas where there are regulatory documents.
  • Analysis of the existing practice of work on areas of activity where there is no required standard procedures and regulations.
  • Identification discrepancies management system standards and the requirements of current legislation.
  • Making discrepancies (if any) with the development of corrective actions.
  • Analysis of the completeness and effectiveness of the practice of management decision-making in relation to the main control objects:
    - The field of activity in which there is a duplication of administrative functions or no responsibility for the performance of work
    - Conformity assessment of responsibility the authority to make management decisions in relation to facilities management.

The results of internal audit appears as a report that contains:

  • The overall assessment of the compliance of the company's standards and audit criteria.
  • The list of areas of the company, which revealed non-compliance with standards and legislation.
  • The list of recommendations for the improvement of products, processes.
  • The list of documents requiring correction describing the necessary adjustments.
  • Assessment of the positive aspects and experience.